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Welcome to the Lungoparma World

About Us

Wine is one of the world's highest signs of civilization.

- Ernest Hemingway -

We completely agree with this statement and we are aware of the responsibility of having a leading role in portraying this land, its culture and traditions.

Our wines come from abiding passion and the active participation of the entire supply chain that, in a collective effort, is constantly seeking out the best quality.


A Metodo Classico with refinement on the lees of 30 months and minimum six months of disgorgement. Perlage is fine and persistent, the bouquet is very rich in citrus, dried fruit,..Read More


From a manual harvest of the best grapes in the most qualified vineyard, this white wine with unique characteristics is obtained after a light pressure and fermentation at a controlled temperature..Read More


A selection of the most ancient vine species of our tradition provides the grapes for the red wine of unique characteristics, allowed to age for a long period of in oak barrels..Read More

Lungoparma Wines

Lieto Vivere

Lungoparma means..

sharing, friendship and love

Let yourself be enchanted by a refined charm, which combines beauty and timeless magic. Lungoparma is a tribute to beauty, to joy, to taste with its scents and colors that speak of life, and tell unique stories. Precious companion of your happy life, which with every sip will create the right atmosphere to make every moment unforgettable.

They say about us

Ode to Life


We Emilians always find a good excuse to party. They say that we are cheerful and jovial people, with a passion for beautiful things.

And it’s true, that’s how we are.

In love with life, joyous as the sound of utensils on the plate…
And what’s better than a toast with good friends, real friends, of course.

Because wine is a gift of the vine to our life, perfect for those who like us want to taste it all in one sip.
We present the wines Lungoparma… From a long experience and a rigorous selection, are the interpreters of the quality of our being Emilian.


Our History

Since 1946 we have been the meeting point for those producing and looking for authenticity and quality in wine.

For the wine to become a premium quality we use only the best grapes harvested manually.

Wine is bottled poetry.

- R. L. Stevenson -

Lungoparma loves Sport

Lungoparma is always in the front row in the most important events, in particular it believes in the power of sport in its maximum expression, our name and our commercials have appeared during major national and international events.
The Italian Rally Championship,
The Beijing Olympic Games
United Rugby Championship
Davis Cup
Serie A Football Championship
Longines Global Champions Tour

We Work With The Best Partners

Great collaborations for great results

Events We Sponsored

Major international events around the world are the key to our success

Events We Sponsored

Major international events around the world are the key to our success