Men and grapes have been passing through the corridors of our cellar and filling our vats for over seventy years: since 1946 we have been the meeting point for those producing and looking for authenticity and quality in wine. Every autumn local producers bring us their freshly harvested grapes and we start processing them. A careful set of operations, carried out according to tradition and with the help of modern technology, produces the white and red wines typical of the Emilia region. With grapes from the local plains and hills we make still and sparkling, red and white wines. Wine, just as oil and bread, is the symbol of man’s agricultural work and, since time immemorial, an element of conviviality and celebration: respecting this ancestral history Lungoparma an Antica Cantina Parmigiana transform the work in the vineyard into a quality product rich with history and perfect for every dish and every occasion.